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AUL Service Contracts

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From the day we opened our doors, AUL's mission has been to become the premier service contract administrator in America by any quantifiable measurement of business activity. We believe the way to achieve this is by providing the highest level of service in the industry.

AUL is the premier vehicle service contract administrator in the United States. The reason is simple; our people. Since 1990 AUL has established a culture of excellence, teamwork and integrity. These qualities manifest into not only superior customer service, but AUL customer service!

Program Highlights

The true beauty of AUL is in the details. Our fine print doesn't spell out what your customers don't get, it tells you what really is covered.

Program Benefits

Our programs cover the items many others don't, so your customers avoid unpleasant surprises.

• No Exclusion for Wear & Tear
• Seals & Gaskets
• Rental & Substitute Transportation
• Day One Coverage
• Aggressive Underwriting Guidelines
• Online Rating & Remittance.



Roadside Assistance Included on All Plans

• Towing
• Flat Tire Change
• Emergency Gas Delivery Service
• Battery Jump Service
• Key Lockout Service

Available Surcharges & Options

• Business Use
• Lift Kit / Tire Modification
• Enhanced Electrical Package

Seals and Gaskets Coverage

Up to 150,000 miles

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Finance Consulting
We offer special finance / finance consulting for the used car dealer.

To you, the dealer, offering products to your customers has endless benefits.