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Advantage Plus

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About Advantage Plus

Advantage Plus was founded in 1991 in Daytona Beach, Florida. The primary focus of the business is to provide customer satisfaction programs for retail automotive dealerships across the country.

Above and Beyond

First time prospects walk because of poor sales processes, price, vehicle availability and/or reputation. It could be one or all of the above, but the primary reason that they are walking is that they feel the need to comparison shop. To evaluate your deal with the dealership down the street. The good news is that you may have been the first dealership they visited. The bad news is that you simply did a great job educating them. Our objective with the Loyalty Advantage Plan is to plant a seed of doubt.in their minds that the dealership down the street does not offer the same value: That your dealership’s offer is ABOVE AND BEYOND the price of the car.

Give Them an Invitation to Return

Currently the prospect is departing your dealership with a brochure and a business card, accompanied by a smile and a handshake from you. Give them a reminder, an invitation to come back by showing them the Loyalty Advantage pack.

Thank them for the opportunity to work with them today. Respect the fact that they need to shop around, and have them promise you one thing; that when they do shop, they will also compare. Tell them to make sure that the next dealership offers them above and beyond the price of the car, the same additional value as your dealership does; that the next dealership provides them with benefits and services like you do, worth over $2,000.00. Assure them if the next dealership does not offer these incentives that it is worth their 10 or 15 minute drive back to your dealership.

Emphasize the additional value of purchasing at your dealership versus your competitor by showing them that they receive something EXTRA at your dealership.

Alternative Value of Benefits

If you often find yourself and the customer a couple of hundred dollars apart on a deal, you know you can split the difference; however you will have to either drop the dealership gross or drop the salesperson’s income. One alternative is to the let the customer go to your competitor where they will most likely come down the $200.00 just to get the deal. The other alternative is to simply provide the customer with a value of benefits that exceeds the dollar difference that you are apart. This is where The Loyalty Advantage comes into play.

Use The Loyalty Advantage As a Closing Tool

Although you cannot drop the price of the car $200.00 today, you can tell the customer you have been authorized to provide The Loyalty Advantage with a value exceeding $2,000.00 to your customers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Roadside Assistance Reimbursement
  • Tire Replacement Reimbursement
  • Towing Reimbursement
  • Trip Interruption Reimbursement
  • Ambulance Reimbursement
  • Key Lockout Reimbursement


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Finance Consulting
We offer special finance / finance consulting for the used car dealer.

To you, the dealer, offering products to your customers has endless benefits.